Company Information

Locus Traxx is a fast-growing company focused on improving food safety and security of food shipments.  We help companies ship without fear.

Our SmartTraxx monitoring system wireless reports the temperature, security and location of shipments on the road.  Our OverSight system delivers real-time Intelligent Alerts text and emails based on the incoming shipment data.  These timely alerts make sure shipment damage, theft or tampering can be prevented.  All shipment data is also available online as intelligent maps, interactive graphs, cusomizable reports or one-click downloads.

The company was founded in 2005.  Our objective is to use leading edge technolgies and best practice approaches to provide a cost-effective way to ensure the safety and freshness of every food shipment.

Our customers are global leaders in the food industry including: growers, farmers, ranchers, distributors, retailers, transportation providers, and food service companies.


We also help leading construction companies improve their profits by automating equipment location and status monitoring, and reporting.

To improve the efficiency of the oil cleanup efforts in the Gulf, we modified and installed our tracking system on oil skimmer vessels.

We have sales relationships outside the U.S. that permit us to bring our solution to the international marketplace.

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